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2015 Weaving & Dyeing Workshops by Kathrin Weber

Thank you for your interest in scheduling me to teach workshops for your guild, group or conference!

A few words about my approach to teaching: My workshops are colorful and playful. We explore nontraditional techniques in designing, setup and weaving using hand-dyed warps that shade in color – sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically. I bring a wide variety of hand-dyed warps to each workshop for students to choose from. Since no two warps are the same, no two projects are the same. Working within the focus of the class topic, each student designs, sets up and weaves unique fabric.

I limit the weaving workshops to 12 students which enables me to work closely with the group as well as with each individual. When a member of the group discovers an aspect of her project that is new and exciting, students who are not actively threading are encouraged to come see what is happening. We talk about it, absorb it and share it. When a member of the group has a difficult situation that has been successfully and creatively resolved, students who are not actively threading are encouraged to come see what the challenge was and how we moved through it. Each member of the class learns from the experiences of the others. Each member of the class is able to make creative decisions based on the group’s discoveries and enthusiasm.

I teach a variety of workshops. Following are summaries of a few workshops. Please contact me for more information. I am happy to gear workshops and lectures to each group’s specific interest and experience level. References/recommendations from students and workshop coordinators available upon request.

Lecture Program for Guild Meeting: Seeing Color in Everything

This talk with power point images from my world, garden and fiber art is designed to help fiber artists feel more comfortable making fearless choices when using color in their work by paying attention to the colors around them. In addition to digital images, I bring a piece of my weaving and/or dyework. I talk about the choices I made in color and technique in designing that particular piece. This is a stand alone lecture, but works very well as a lead-in to my weaving and dyeing workshops.

Lecture Fee: $225/Lecture only. $100/with one day workshop. No Charge/with two or more day workshop(s). Plus travel expense: flight or current mileage, housing (with guild member is fine), meals.

Copper Green Inspiration DSCN3343

Weaving Workshop: Focus on the Warp (Controlling Creative Chaos)

In this class students learn non-traditional techniques that allow them to work with multiple warps and design at the loom. They will use instructor provided hand-painted warps in which the colors flow and change, creating designs in the woven fabric that appear complex in planning, but actually spring from making flexible and intuitive decisions as they work. Students will work with multiple warp chains in a variety of ways: They might choose to flip sections of the warp from end to end which creates color flow in opposite directions. They might choose to shift the warps to create patterns that flow in the weaving lengthwise as well as horizontally. They might choose to add other warps to create stripes within the space-dyed design. They might choose to use multi-harness weave structures, plain weave, twills or repp weave.

I bring handouts with detailed projects. Each student chooses one project for the workshop and takes home information for the others for later exploration. I work with the students as a group and individually as they make personal choices based on their chosen project. No two student’s warps will be alike so class members learn from their own warps as well as from the others. Weavers with more experience will be able to take it to more complex levels. 2 day class allows for loom setup, begin weaving and discussion for weaving options they can use to finish the warp at home. 3 or more day classes allow for more in-depth exploration of nontraditional concepts, approaches and techniques for weaving personal fabrics.

A supply list for the class:

Students should bring: Looms with dummy warps (more info on this later). Personal weaving tools: shuttles (boat & rag), scissors, tape measure, threading hooks, appropriate sticks or cardboard for winding 4.5 yard warp (please do not bring thin paper of newspaper weight). 2 clamps big enough to clip onto their back beams. Roll of 1″ masking tape. Notebooks, pens for notes and handouts. Optional: Camera.

Teacher will supply: Hand-dyed cotton 4.5 yard warps in a wide variety of colorways, hues, tones. I will bring many more than we actually need for the workshop so that students will have ample choice to use in class as well as optional warps for purchase to take home for future projects. I also provide an equal number of solid warps for contrasting background design. Weft yarn to start projects. Handouts for future reference.

Teaching Fee: $450/day plus travel expense: flight or current mileage, housing (with guild member is fine), meals.

Material Fee: $45/per student (This covers handouts plus two pre-wound 100 thread, 4.5 yard cotton warps: one space-dyed, one contrasting/solid in color)

Maximum Number of Students: 12

These projects illustrate fabric designed, setup and woven using techniques described above. These techniques are fundamental skills we focus on in my workshops.

jills big blueberry workshop 1 workshop 2
DSCN9141 Carol Irelands Repp frm workshop Carol Irelands scarf from Repp Weave
 Rudells Smokin'!  9 Student DSCN1698
 DSCN1537  DSCN1514_1  21
13 Student Student Work-1 DSCN0853
DSCN8810 DSCN6095 Cindy Jean - GLWG Project
lindas love Amandas bag-1 DSCN2304
Kathrin Samples DSCN9209 DSCN9208

Other weaving workshops that utilize my system of controlling creative chaos:

* Log Cabin on an Ever Changing Warp (Not your Grandma’s Log Cabin!)
* One Warp/One Setup: Make Three Unique Fabrics (Repp, Double Weave, Log Cabin)
* Designing/Setting Up with Multiple Warp Chains (Photos below Illustrates Student Project)
* Weaving Fabric for Japanese Market Bags (Totally Clever Bag from Multiple Warp Fabric)
* Weaving 2 Weights of Fabric on 1 Warp/Hobo Bags (Perfect Design for Handwoven Repp Fabric)
* Nontraditional Space-dyed Repp Weave (Designing Fabric Beyond Your Original Intention)
​Note to Workshop Coordinator: Weaving workshops can be a 2 or 3 day workshop. 2 day class allows for loom setup, begin weaving and discussion for weaving options they can use to finish the warp at home. 3 day class allows for loom setup plus weaving. These weaving workshops are frequently followed by my dye workshop. Having learned to use and manipulate the warps before hand, helps workshop participants visualize the dye process more clearly.

Dyeing Workshop: Not Your Grandma’s Dye-Pot!

The goal for this workshop is to learn the basics of dyeing: dyeing safely, traditional as well as non-traditional application of dyes, and processes needed to set the dyes for color fastness. And, beyond that, to learn to dye with personal fearlessness and intention. Students will learn fundamentals for dye application to produce one of a kind, technically sound and color-fast hand-dyed cotton yarn and fabric.

This is not a “recipe” class. Using 7 hues of Fiber Reactive MX dyes students will begin to develop insight into the essence of color that allows them to blend, shade and produce a full spectrum of color. Students will learn techniques for space-dyeing skeins and warps, resist dyeing yarn and fabric, how to use dyes safely and how to set up a basic dye kitchen. This is an approachable dye class particularly good for people who want to dye as if they are painting – not as a chemist in a lab. Although I bring a few simple recipes, this is not a “recipe” class. We approach the dyeing process with a spirit of experimentation and creative license while learning technical aspects that make cotton yarn vibrant and colorfast.

My intention for students is to leave the class being able to understand the dynamics of dye and what colors are made of that will allow them to dye without recipes – as a musician plays by ear or a water-colorist paints from knowledge of color and blending. This is a dye class for fiber artists who approach (or would like to approach) dyeing with confidence in using color intentionally and effectively.

In a one day class students should bring: Cotton yarn of your choice to dye. (Up to 6 warps or skeins of the size you enjoy working with.) Dust mask (paper will do unless you are especially sensitive), rubber gloves, measuring cups, measuring spoons (never be used in food prep again), metal or plastic kitchen whip (as used to beat up eggs), spray bottle, a few plastic containers (large yogurt or deli quart size), several inch stack of newspaper to absorb dye (mandatory), plastic garbage bags to take wet yarn home in. Notebook for handouts and personal notes, plastic sleeves for pages in notebook to hold samples and to keep paperwork dry, dye apron or old clothes. When possible stick with clear or white in everything. Colorful bowls confuse the eye when dyeing.

In a several day workshop students will be given specific dye exercises/projects that will help them delve into more complex color combinations and methods of dye application. They will also have an opportunity to explore their own color palette with instructor guidance.

Material Fee:  $25 dye kit/per student plus handouts. Students will have sufficient dye to use in the dye workshop as well as dye for future projects.
Teacher will bring: Dyes, soda ash, personal dye kits, handouts in dye safety and use. Optional: I will bring pre-wound and scoured warps and/or skeins that students may purchase instead of providing their own or in addition to their own. Prices for warps/skeins will be available as the class is being organized. Please alert me by 2 weeks before the scheduled class to purchase warps to dye.

Teaching Fee: $450/day plus travel expense: flight or current mileage, housing (with guild member is fine), meals.

Student Maximum for dye workshop: 18

Hand-dyed Rainbow Warp 5-DSCN9431 DSCN9378
Rose and Blueberry Combo DSCN9249 1-DSCN9404

Kathrin Weber’s Bio:

Kathrin Weber has been a full-time studio fiber artist since 1980. Her work revolves around dyeing, weaving and teaching. She has a fearless enjoyment in using color in her line of space-dyed, handwoven blankets. She enthusiastically encourages student to dive into color. No matter what her classes are officially entitled, they are ultimately about color, technique and weaving good fabric.

Kathrin is an active member in The Southern Highland Handcraft Guild, Piedmont Craft Guild, and Carolina Designer Crafts Guild. She has a strong belief in encouraging technical proficiency and personal design. She served 6 years on the Standards Committee for Southern Highland Guild, was recently the Chair of Standards for Piedmont Crafts Guild. She teaches at Penland, Arrowmont, John C. Campbell Folk School, Fiber Guilds and Fiber Conferences across the country.

“My goal in my work, as well as for my students’ work, is to design and weave well made personal fabric using efficient techniques in set up, weaving and finishing. I approach designing and weaving with more anticipation of unfolding possibilities and less rigid pre-determination of final product. This approach leads to a creative flow of physical time spent at the loom and to weaving projects that leave the door open to fabrics that are beyond  original intent and planning.”

3 ACC 2006 - Tropical (overall)-1 max forest 9 Autumn screen penland

Dyeing and Weaving workshops and lectures:

Conferences: SouthEastern Fiber Forum, Western NC 1998, 2009, 2013; Intermountain Weavers Conference, Durango, Colorado 2009; Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, Fletcher, NC 2011, 2012; Arizona Federation Conference – Fibers Through Time, Tucson, AZ 2014; FL Tropical Weavers’ Conference 2015. Contracted to teach at Michigan League of Handweavers’ Conference June 2015 and The Conference of Northern California Handweavers (CNCH) April 2016.

Guilds: Mary Meigs Atwater Weavers Guild, Las Vegas, Nevada; The Southern Nevada Weavers and Spinners Guild, Salt Lake City, Utah; Chattahoochee Fiber Guild, Atlanta, GA; Peachtree Handspinners, Atlanta, GA; Weaving Guild of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI; Memphis Handweavers, Memphis, TN; OverMountain Weavers Guild, Kingsport, TN; Telarana Weavers and Spinner Guild, AZ; Palomar Handweavers’ Guild, Escondido, CA; Woodstock Weavers Guild, Woodstock, IL; Harmony Weaver’s Guild, Wilmington, DE; Weavin’ Place – SAORI Style, Folsom, LA; These 3 on schedule for later this year: Greater Lansing Weavers Guild, Lansing, Michigan; Weavers of Orlando, Orlando, FL; Jacksonville Weavers’ Guild, Jacksonville, FL

Schools: Penland School of Crafts, Penland, NC; John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC; Arrowmont School of Art and Craft, Gatlinburg, TN; Appalachian Center for Crafts, Smithville, TN ; Miami University, CraftSummer, Oxford, OH; Haywood Professional Crafts, Clyde, NC, Peter’s Valley School of Craft.