Class Schedule

After years of dyeing and weaving in my studio, I am a supportive teacher who remembers what it was like to sit at a loom for the very first time. I offer you efficient methods in moving through the weaving and/or dyeing processes with enjoyment (instead of frustration) and how to deal with all the mistakes that can (and will) be made.

I love teaching what I have learned to new students as well as sharing many invaluable tricks, tips and techniques with experienced weavers. I am an enthusiastic instructor and my classes are filled with stories… weaving stories, dyeing stories, life stories.

Please find a class that you are able to attend and make it a priority. Bring your own stories and skills. Or come with nothing in mind other than to spend a week or so with other people who are focused on similar goals…and take fabric, skills and stories home with you.

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