Fearlessly Hand-dyed Yarn and Hands-on Instruction

I am Kathrin Weber and have been a full time dyer and weaver since the late 70’s. I particularly enjoy the flow of colors as I combine primary dye colors to make a full color palette for the yarn I dye and the fabrics I weave. If you are interested in working with my dyed yarn, please order from link at the top of the website pages titled Shop. Please visit┬ámy Facebook page and join in the conversations regularly!

I hope you will find time to take a class from me. I am especially patient and understanding with beginners, because I clearly remember those days myself. Experienced weavers will also find many techniques that will make the whole weaving process – from set up to finish – more enjoyable. In my dye workshops I share techniques for creative dyeing for the non-chemist with an eye toward the flow and use of color in dyed warps and fabric.

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